Aeolos Nebulizer

Please follow doctor's advice on drug selection, drug usage and treatment time.

Please do not use distilled water, multiple filtered purified water or oil substances for nebulization.

Please clean and maintain the device after each time use.

Please keep the device, medication cup and accessories dry after each time use.

Please do not touch the mesh with sharp or hard objects or with figure in case of malfunction.

Please charge at least 30 minutes before first use.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easy to use & transfer due to its small shape
  • Noiseless function
  • Weight 125 gr
  • Easy function with a push of a button
  • Self cleaning technology to prevent the micro mesh blockage
  • Variable frequency mode. The nebulization rate can be adjusted according to each patient’s needs.
  • Nebulization rate: 0.25ml/min – 0.9 ml/min
  • Particle size: 1µm – 5µm

Each carton box contains:

  • 1 kid mask
  • 1 adult mask
  • 1 mouthpiece
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1user manual
  • 1 user guidance
  • 1 Carrying bag
  • 1 extra mesh modul
Aeolos Baby 0 - 18 month Aeolos Child 0 - 6 year Aeolos Adult 6+ year

Preliminary Cleaning

  1. Rotate the accessories clockwise so as to loose them and then pull them out.
  2. Open the medication cup cover and clean the drug liquid residue.
  3. Add appropriate amount of warm water (Below 40℃). Please do not use distilled water or multiple-filtered purified water
  4. Close the medication cup lid
  5. Please wipe the machine with clean medical gauze after nebulization cleaning. Do not touch the central area of the mesh to avoid the damage of the mesh.

Regular Cleaning

  1. Hold down the press key and pull up the medication cup.
  2. Clean the internal of medication cup
  3. Clean the external of the spaying connecting interface.
  4. Please wash the external and internal of the medication cup and spraying connecting interface repeatedly with purified water(Below 40℃). Please dry the liquid drops with clean medical gauze. Please do not touch the center of the mesh in case of damage. Please put the device and accessories back to the given place and store them as instructed in the manual.

Nebulization with 1 drop purified water and 3 drops white vinegar will achieve better cleaning effect.


Diagram is only for reference. Alternation of device color is without further notice. Detailed information in only according to actual product

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